Physical Education


Welcome to the Apopka Elementary School PE program. We are passionate about training our children at Apopka Elementary School how to be the best they can possibly be in this life and how to be a major contributor to society. We believe strongly that all children have the right to a fun and safe environment while participating in the daily activities.

You might have driven by and seen the children running laps in our field for 10 minutes. Our goal with this is to encourage our students to get out and run or walk and we try to allow them to be together to also encourage a social aspect of aerobic exercise. Prior to the track we always do a full warm up with stretching and some yoga pose to encourage flexible, elongated muscles. We play as many games as possible for them to see that exercising is fun, not just the same old thing everyday. I am sure many of you understand this concept if you have ever played Wii. Nintendo has done a phenomenal job of getting Americans up and off the couch to play something fun and exciting. Kind of sneaking aerobic activity in on them without them ever knowing it happened.

Nutrition is a HUGE passion of mine and I try do talks with the kids from time to time about what we put into our mouths. Food is fuel for the body just as gas I for our car. Give your kids the best, give them REAL food. Fruits, Vegetables, Whole Grains. You would be amazed how drastically it affects their thought process all the way to how they act.

We encourage you to go for a walk in the evenings with your kids, shoot some hoops, ride bikes or just play catch. It is so important to be active and to enjoy life. We aren’t promised tomorrow so lets be passionate and live today like its our last.