Dress Code

Dress Code

Cleanliness, good grooming and appropriate clothing help to create a positive, orderly and healthy learning environment for students.  In order to maintain this type of environment, we have instituted the following dress guidelines:

1. Uniforms are highly suggested. White, navy blue, light blue polo shirt and khaki, black, navy blue pants/skirt.
2. If shorts are worn, they must be loose fitting and extend to at least the mid-thigh.
3. Caps, hoodies, hats and coats/jackets are for outside wear only.
4. Tube tops, halter tops, tank tops or other types of clothing that expose the midriff will not be allowed.
5. Negative t-shirts such as those that display vulgar language, gestures or advertisements for alcoholic beverages, drugs or cigarettes will not be permitted.
6. Pajamas, or any sleep wear are not permitted unless designated by administration.  If sleep wear is allowed on a certain day, it must conform to the previously mentioned stipulations.
7. Shoes are to be worn at all times.  Because of the hazards they pose, flip flops, sandals and similar types of footwear (backless shoes) will not be allowed in school.  Slippers or house shoes are not permitted.  High heels are discouraged.
8. We strongly encourage elementary age children to refrain from wearing make-up to school.

The above activities could not be accomplished without the outstanding support of our parent organizations, volunteers and contributions from community merchants and restaurants. 

Uniforms can be purchased at