AES Robotics Team is Going to States!

AES Robotics Team is Going to States!
Posted on 02/07/2018
AES Robotics Team is Going to States!

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Apopka Elementary is proud to offer the only Elementary VEX IQ Robotics Competition Team in Orange County Public Schools.

In our first year as a club (2017-18 school year), we have had 32 students on 8 teams. We attended our first qualifying competition in our home town at Apopka High school where we were challenged to compete against middle school teams from across Florida. Despite these obstacle one of our teams was awarded the Judges Choice Award.  For our second competition three of our teams were invited to attend ROBOslam in Miami. Earning us our second honor, The Amaze Award for an amazing, well rounded, and top performing robot. Our final qualifying competition “The Last Battle Royale” was held at UCF in the engineering complex.  One team won the Design Award for most effective and efficient robot design process and has qualified for the state competition in Tampa on February 19th!

At VEX IQ tournaments, teams compete against other elementary and middle school teams in a game that changes each year. They must construct robots that solve the games challenge.  In addition to building their robot they must also keep an engineering notebook describing and drafting the problems they face and the solutions they come up with for their robots construction. Finally, a S.T.E.M research project is required. This year’s topic was based on how robots are beneficial to humans while adhering to robotic ethics. Robots, notebooks, and projects are presented in front of a group of judges at each competition.  The competition lets students have fun working in teams while building technically challenging robots. We gain valuable academic and life skills along the way: teamwork, leadership, technical design skills, and written and oral communication are all necessary for the club’s success.

The VEX IQ robot competition kits were awarded to Mrs. Blakeslee through the Duke Energy S.T.E.M Grant program offer through The Foundation Orange County Public Schools. We would like to thank the AHS Robotics team for their partnership. Our additional financial needs have been supported by Apopka Elementary PTA and our own Robophin parents fundraising efforts. If you are interested in sponsoring our growing program please contact Mrs. Deborah Blakeslee at [email protected]

For the 2018-19 school year, we look forward to continuing to BUILD our robotics team and we are determined to earn another invitation to the state competition! AES Robphins are diving into the digital age! 

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